Let Me Introduce You

 I am a twenty-something year old who is smitten by my husband and the written word. I tend to like running and green smoothies as much as a good movie and large bowl of popcorn. I have a difficult time calling one specific place my hometown because I moved so much growing up. Some people grew up in a town, I grew up in libraries.

 I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. For now all I need to be is a momma.

Gabe is a foodie by nature and profession. He graduated in Food Science and I couldn't be happier for him. They say to choose a field you love, and he most definitely has. He is currently employed at an international company that has landed us in small town Texas. Gabe grew up in small town Kansas who enjoys music, video games and a good movie. He found out he loves running on his mission and is hoping to find time in his busy schedule to train for and run a marathon in the near future.

For the story of how we met/ ended up together go here

We have two littles, Roland and Hazel who are 15 months apart and keep us on our toes.

We have a dog named Tony Stark, Starky for short. He is a Chug: Chihuahua-Pug mix and we adopted him from a shelter at 5 months. We love the little guy and while I still call him a puppy he has definitely calmed down quite a bit and turned one in October of 2013. Update: Starky passed away in December of 2015.

If you want to contact me:  rainingautumn at gmail dot com

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