30 x 30

I have seen lists like this going around and loved the idea... 30 things to do before I turn 30

1. Go skydiving
2. Be a major part of a charity event
3. Get published post high school
4. Buy a nice camera. Learn to use it.
5. Learn Spanish. Speak it in a foreign country.
6. Travel outside the US
7. Run a half marathon (the first one while pregnant)
8. Learn to be happy with my body as it is
9. Become a mother
10. Help someone who can never repay me
11. Go on thirty hikes
12. Discover five new places
13. Find the perfect pair of jeans
14. Write a letter to each of my siblings
15. Plant a salsa garden. Make salsa from said garden.
16. Take a spontaneous road trip
17. Visit Carlo's Bakery
18. Complete a major art project
19. Stick to a budget for 6 months
20. Find a present Gabe likes without having to ask him it turned out to be Gremlin's 1 and 2... true story.
21. Begin writing the book everyone keeps telling me I should
22. Start playing the piano again
23. Make a piece of furniture
24. Watch my children discover the joy of books
25. Take Gabe to see my favorite places in Dallas
26. Make lasagna from scratch
27. Get a road bike and learn to ride
28. Go camping with Gabe... because we seriously have never gone together
29.Go to Hawaii

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