Gabe and I like taking roadtrips together... driving,  talking, reading, snacking, and listening to music.
This past weekend we drove down to Oklahoma to watch John's stellar performance in a twisted tale of The Taming of the Shrew. I sat there watching his (and other high schoolers) nearly flawless delivery of Shakespearean language and my heart beamed with pride.

Gabe and I stood outside the theater waiting a moment to say congrats before he was swept up by another group of friends wanting a picture or showering him with well deserved praise. And my heart filled with gratitude. I knew that he had done well, but it was nice to realize it wasn't the bias of a sister .

On Sunday Benji was ordained to the office of a teacher (its an LDS church thing).

On the way home I marveled at these two very different, but both inspiring kids. They have had so many obstacles throughout their lives and yet they both persevere. I have struggled with emotions and how to deal... and I am an adult.

But they both continue to do great things.

They're teenage boys, so I can't get too sappy. But man those kids are awesome.

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