Roland Turns 4

Roland turned 4 earlier this month. Four on the fourth. It was his golden birthday. (Gabe made a big deal about my golden birthday when I turned 28, and we decided it would be a fun tradition to carry on with the kids.)

So we took a long weekend and headed to Kansas City. We ate at a place where the food was delivered by trains. We went to two different museums. We went to an aquarium, and perused one of my favorite stores. We walked, laughed, played, ate, and spent time enjoying the city and one another. And we saw as many dinosaurs as Roland wanted to.

It was a fantastic weekend. We celebrated Roland and the beginning of our parenthood. We celebrated surviving four years, and having such awesome kids.

On Roland's actual birthday we had the traditional pancakes and then Gabe had to go on a business trip. So, we followed him and hung out at the hotel for the night. Roland sat in the hot tub until his cheeks were red, and we made him get in the pool.

 He played with toys until way past his bedtime, and fell asleep next to his sisters. It was a fun, unexpected way to extend the celebration.

Four things we love about Roland:
1. His smile. It is full of mischievousness, kindness, silliness, happiness, and love.

2. His energy. Sometimes it is exhausting, but he is constantly on the move

3. His mind. That boy can play for hours building things, fighting bad guys, taking care of his Superhero kids and making them eat their veggies.

4. His kindness. That boy gives the tightest, best hugs. He seems to know when each of us needs them. He makes sure mom and dad gets a hug and kiss from everyone before they leave. And he is generous in his forgiveness.

Happy Birthday Roland Isaac! We are so grateful that you are in our family.

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