I adore the 4th of July; fireworks, watermelon, swimming, concerts, sparklers, cliche matching outfits being acceptable... it is the one holiday that I don't mind practically melting in the heat.

This year we were set to head down to Oklahoma to spend the holiday with my oldest brother and his kids, my mom, stepdad, and younger brothers.

Sunday night, after a surprise birthday get together for one of Gabe's oldest friends, I packed everyone's bags (except Gabe, man can pack himself) and measured out our ridiculous ration of diapers, extra underwear, formula, and little human snacks

Monday morning I woke up feeling exhausted, and long story short ended up with an IV due to dehydration, and three days in bed. Our 4th was mostly Gabe and the kids. They popped firecrackers and dressed accordingly.

 The kids jumped on the trampoline, went swimming in the kiddie pool, and watched movies.

I ventured out for fireworks, laying in an empty kiddie pool while Zelda crawled around me, and Hazel went between being delighted for and terrified of the small array of fountains, sparklers, and roman candles we had purchased.

Roland was SO excited, he could hardly contain himself. Several times he jumped, danced, and screamed from pure excitement. It was fun to watch Gabe show him the ropes, and at times stand between him and the sparks.

And although we missed our extended family (Roland cried for almost an hour when he found out we weren't going), we enjoyed what turned out to be a much more low key holiday than expected.

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