Hazel turns 2!

Our dearest Hazel Evangeline,
                                       We are so grateful to have you in our lives. Your squeaky voice, spunky personality, the way you have a special relationship with each member of the family, your love for music; especially dancing, the way you choose to climb up to the tallest slide every time, and declare your love for the color pink loudly, the way you say "Lobe you!" and give little kisses, the way you fight tooth and nail for what you want, even if it is the toy your brother has, how you enjoy eating bread and your favorite drink is water... each one of these things contribute to who you are.

Thank you for being a part of our lives these past two years. I remember jogging around with a fussy baby at 4AM wondering if I would ever sleep again... and here you are sleeping through the night. No, I do not wish I could go back to those sleepless nights. But I do wonder when you think you will be too old to crawl into bed with big brother, or mom and dad.

I love the relationship you have with your brother and sister. You chase after Roland and imitate so much of what he does. You hug and squeeze Zelda, sometimes a bit too tight. But they both absolutely adore you.

The way you look at me, makes me want to take on the world, and show you just what it is you can accomplish.

Two things we love about you:
1. Your affection; you do such a good job at showing each of us how much you love us.
2. Your imagination; the way you play with your toys, and can find entertainment in almost anything amazes us.

We are excited to see where you take this life Teeny. Happy 2nd Birthday darling girl.

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