We've got it going on...

There are moments in the life that I can look at and see a definitive before and after; almost as if a line was drawn, a physical marker was made. Birth, death, love, loss, all the cliches apply. They apply because it is a universal thing to adapt and grow based on situations evolving.

Meeting that lifelong friend, breaking up with my first serious boyfriend, deciding to attend a college thousands of miles from home... these were some of my first truly independent choices.

But the biggest before and after in my life is dating Gabe. Notice I didn't say marrying him... because I can recall the exact moment I knew I was going to marry him, and it was years before things played out. That boy (then) changed my world in all the right ways.

I don't believe in other people being necessary to complete us, but I do believe the right ones can enhance every aspect of our being.

Gabe does just that.

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