Roland Turns 3

My dear Roland,
                     I am so proud of the little human that you are. You look after your sisters and even me and your Papa so well. You ask questions and listen for the answers. You try so hard to do what is right, and sometimes when it is too much you put yourself in timeout. You love to talk on the phone to almost anyone, but especially to your grandparents. You love to run and jump and sing and dance. You loudly declare that you are a child of God. 
Just like anyone else you have imperfections. And that is okay. I love you just as you are. In fact, I love some of your imperfections because they are quite adorable. For the first time today I heard you pronounce the word hello correctly, instead of with our usual "Hewwow." It was a bittersweet moment. 
Thank you for being my first little buddy, for sharing cookies with me during the girls' nap time, for all the singing and dance party requests.
Thank you for giving us the privilege of sharing these past three years with you. We look forward to so many more.

Three things we love about you:
1. Your smile; whether it is mischievous, sweet, or wide with laughter.
2. Your mind; about a month ago you asked me if Papa would drink soda in Minnesota on a work trip.
3. Your determination; most days this serves you very well, and other days it really tests your parents' abilities.

Love you Budders!

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