"And when a mom's heart changes, I've realized it has a lot of power to change the air that fills up a home."

I have been mulling over this quote for months now. Months. I have been thinking, planning, and deciding what it is I want my momma heart to be, what  it is I want to fill my home... 

However, the past month or so I have really put effort into being a mother and letting go of the external expectations that come along with the title. 

The changes in our home have been noticeable. Roland decided he is finished with diapers. Hazel hugs and kisses each one of her family members. Zelda... well she is as happy as ever. 

Could it be that my heart, my attitude, played a part in all of this? 

I suddenly have time and energy to make dinner almost every night. There is a twinge in my heart as I fold little pieces of laundry that get bigger and bigger as my children do too. I cook, clean, fold, sort, make, rearrange, dust, throw away, pick up, take out, and wipe. I hug, kiss, reprimand, remind, rock, sing to, and love.

I love serving my children. 

Not because I am their servant, but because I have the opportunity to show these little humans what it means to be safe and secure and taken care of. Don't get me wrong there are days I want to scream at the mundane task of picking up the same dozen toys over and over again as we sing the clean up song and I try to convince my children that this is a fun game. But, it is worth it when I consider the privilege it is to teach them and learn from them.

My mother heart has changed, and in it I have indeed discovered a new sort of power within my home.

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