NICU Memories

There were a lot of difficult things about having Zelda be in the NICU, but there are some wonderful memories there as well.

When they were inserting Zelda's initial IV Gabe was in the NICU with her. They had to use the vein in her head, which Gabe was not expecting. He later told me "I had the strongest urge to hurt the nurse who was inserting her IV. I seriously wanted to hit her. It was so weird."

I love how protective my husband is of our children and our family.

Another memory was when Roland and Hazel met Zelda for the first time. I love the hospital that Zelda was born in and because it was only a level 2 NICU her siblings were able to come in and meet her and hold her only a day after she was born. The nurses were weary of Roland holding Z because of the IV line, and monitors she was on but Gabe and I reassured them he would be extra careful, and Roland, being Roland, was extremely careful with her. Hazel was a little too little to hold Z but was also careful as she sat on my lap next to Z pointed out her eyes and said "soft...soft" as she petted her head (her IV had been moved to her hand at this point).

I appreciated Zelda's nurses who encouraged breastfeeding and kangaroo holds and letting Gabe and I basically be in the room 24/7 if a medical procedure wasn't being done.

Zelda made her first little friend in the NICU, another baby who had IUGR (in utero growth restriction) was born within hours of her and they were next to each other. I joked with baby's mom through our privacy curtains as we nursed, that our babies were trying to talk to each other as they took turns crying.

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