Six Years... a little later

Dear Husband,

Six Years.

A lot has happened in that span of time my dear.

Things are different, and yet as I sit here and type this in between homework assignments while you read a graphic novel there are some things that probably never will change...

Three states, three kids, and lots of memories. Our dates ussually consist of house hunting and Drs visits. Our bed rarely has less than three people in it by the time morning comes. Neither of us can remember the last time we got a full night's rest.

I am grateful for the husband I have next to me as we learn, grow, and change. I love you and your scruffy beard and affinity for all things green. I appreciate how hard you work in and out of our home. I am lucky to have someone who supports me in my endeavors, and has some pretty fantastic goals of his own.

This adventure is still my favorite, no matter where it takes us if I've got you by my side I will be content.

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