Shelley's 50th Birthday Party

Tomorrow my mom turns 50, and this past weekend I helped my Aunt Karen throw her a surprise party.
Honestly, the party itself was somewhat last minute and I definitely could not have pulled it off without a lot of help from Karen, Gabe, my Uncle Mike and various other people I hope I don't offend by failing to mention.

We had Rhodes rolls, smoked pork loin, baked beans, watermelon, colelsaw, corn on the cob (the cooler method totally works), brownies, and root beer floats.

For the decor we tried to focus on Shelley:

As a side note, it was amazing to be able to go through all of the family pictures looking for ones of her. We showed Hazel who she was named after (not that she cared), saw that baby Roland looked just like my Uncle Coyle (who died as an infant), and saw lots of memories of my awkward years.

We also set out picture props for people to pose with the lady of the hour, and I am glad because we made some memories with those silly things.

We also had a box set out for people to write down their favorite memories with Shelley and some framed subway art with hisotircal events that happened in 1966, the year she was born. 

But the best part of the party was seeing my mom see so many people who loved her in one place. 
It was a lot of fun and I am grateful she has given me the legacy she has. 

Happy Birthday Momma! 

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