Choose Your Hard

After Hazel was born, Gabe and I went between being finished with having kids (2-4am jogs around the house to soothe a fussy baby will do that to you) and wanting a few more, to wondering if that was even an option.

We discussed the time frame between Roland and Hazel and decided it actually isn't a bad gig. Kids close in age is pretty awesome. We havr even seriously considered "4 in 4" (four kids in four years) for various reasons.

A few months ago I came across the phrase "Choose your hard." It was in reference to health (you can choose to eat right and exercise or you can choose to suffer from the effects of a poor diet and lack of exercise both are hard to do). But, as I have thought about that phrase I think it extends to most facets of life. And while we sometimes have no control over our trials, we always have control over our reactions.

Right now, that "hard" is having children so close in age.

While I am cursing the potty training gods (aka my very stubborn, not ready or interested toddler) for ruining my plan to never have more than two in diapers at once, I am also glad those diaper years are overlapped and not spread out.

We chose our hard, and we are actually pretty excited about it.

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