To a father who made me like this holiday...

Dear Gabe,
I love today and celebrating you. It might have started a bit rocky with Hazel projectile vomiting on our breakfast and a migraine that had me asleep most of the day. But here we sit snuggled up as a family and I can't help but reminisce on all the moments I've been able to watch you be a father.

Rides on shoulders.. late night and early morning snuggles... adventures and road trips... family projects.... learning and teaching.... sickness...  tantrums... "I love you" s (remember when Roland finally said it to us?!) the ER and NICU... diagnoses that left us reeling... lunches where we drop by just to see you... loss... labor... bedtime...

You do it so well. And while no one is perfect you naturally know how to help our children feel safe, loved, wanted, and cared for, how to teach them so they want to learn.

You are an example of hard work and persistence. You encourage our son to play with dolls and our daughter to roar like a dinosaur. You fix Hazel's hair and kiss Roland's "ouchie"s.  You teach our children of the love Heavenly Father has for them and their own worth.

You are a wonderful Papa, and we love you more than the vacuum, Kissy Cow, and learning new things.

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