Hazel Turns 1

It is so strange to think of everything that has happened since Hazel was born. We live in a different state, Gabe has a different job, I will be graduating soon, and most importantly little Miss Hazel has grown into quite the one year old.

She fits perfectly into our family and I am unsure if I have ever met a happier baby. She loves her brother and tries to do almost everything he does. Her newest thing is to scrunch up her nose and make a funny breathing noise when she is irritated, but if you do it back to her she usually starts laughing.

Hazel started walking the week before her birthday. She is now pretty efficient at it and would rather fall down than hold someone's hand for help. She loves to talk on the phone and is about as social as her brother was hostile at this age. She loves the swings at the park, reading books, "singing", sliding with her brother, playing in the water (as long as Roland is around to help) and fights sleep more than I have ever seen a child do.

Hazel is independent, joyful, daring funny, and kind. If Roland gets put in time out she sits next to him and cries until he is out. She loves music, peopen, and snuggling (on her terms). When she doesn't feel good Gabe is her go to and she gives the sweetest little kisses.

Happy Birthday Hazel Evangeline! Thanks for making our lives better than we knew possible!

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