I Quit

Our maid quit yesterday. She decided she was tired of picking up the kids toys, mopping the kitchen, rearranging books, doing endless loads of dishes, and putting away the shoes the kids have spread across the house, all several times a day.

I saw this coming for awhile now, she's been slacking off as of late, cleaning has become a lesser priority and to be honest it takes a lot of stress off of me. Mostly , because I am the maid.

Last night I was stressing out about finishing school in time (which now probably won't happen until August for reasons beyond my control), having a clean house, and dealing with a renewed exhaustion from either pregnancy or my lovely thyroid. Something had to go and I decided it is the maid.

In her place I am implementing:
1. A toy and book rotation. I'm thinking we will split their toys into 3 groups and rotate every month or so.

2. I'm buying a dishwasher. Hello beautiful portable genius that makes my life better.

3. Gabe is solely in charge of laundry (his idea, not mine).

4. The shoe rack is going in the closet (we will see how long this one lasts).

Goodbye maid. Goodbye old level of cleaning standards...
Hello a bit more sanity.

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