Come back to [Kansas]

I stopped writing when started moving and now I think we finally have our bearings straight...
The house hunt was a bit brutal. Everything was either overpriced, in the ghetto (as ghetto as Salina gets) or not little kid friendly (no yard, too many steep stairs, dangerous layout... you get the idea). At one point we even entertained the idea of buying, but considering it takes me weeks to buy a pair of shoes the idea of that large a commitment on short notice stressed me out enough we kaboshed the idea.

 There was one house that stayed on our minds and when the landlord offered to lower the rent simply because we were a "nice young family" we decided to go for it. While Gabe was busy in Texas packing, cleaning, and prepping most of our belongings for the move I signed a lease, turned on all utilities, etc. My in-laws let us stay at their house indefinitely while we waited for our belongings (which were delayed three different times and got the  after Gabe started work) and my little brother John was able to come and help me with the kids which made life so much easier.

Unfortunately, Gabe missed Hazel's first Easter (which was pretty low key anyways because, moving).

When we did move in we had minimal everything and the kids loved running /crawling around an empty house.

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