And I can easily understand...

Life has been moving at an ever quickening speed as of late. How have we lived here for almost two months? Hazel is on the verge of walking, and Roland has grown leaps and bounds in the vocabulary department. He is currently obsessed with telling people how we moved from Texas to Kansas and now we live in a driveway. He misses Texas more than I ever thought he would. He wants to visit old friends, the gym, our swing set, and Chick-fil-A. We explain to him how long the drive is and that we don't have a bed there anymore and he is usually satisfied with the answer.
But my momma heart instantly feels guilty because I know what it is like to miss an old place after moving as a kid, especially Texas.
Luckily, he has a built-in best friend in the form of Hazel, a friendly play group, and close by relatives.
Gabe really enjoys his new job and I am busy finishing school. We started a morning routine this week, which I love. Growing up my mom always had schedules and while we all complained about them I secretly loved it. These days Gabe's relaxed attitude balances out my overzealous one so we both end up getting more done, including this blog post and the following picture dump.

Because apples and Jif whips are the best. Also, Hazel must do whatever Roland does.

Our washer machine was broken in the move, which means we had to use the laundry mat a few times (before one of my mother in-laws started doing our laundry, no joke). Roland was especially okay with it because they have the neatest video games there.

Papa's shoes are cooler than his any day.

When brother naps the Hazel will read all his books.

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