2015 in Review

As I look back I can't help but give a sigh of relief that it is over. But that sigh also holds a bit of nostalgia because there are so many memories I hope to never forget.

Obviously, the biggest change in our family was Hazel. We have enjoyed having her in our lives more than we knew was possible. She turned 7 months old at the end of December with giggling, scooting around, and lots of kisses. She is healthy and thriving.

Roland has kept us on our toes with his dare devil antics. He went from having a major speech regression to using full sentences. His favorite things are outside, animals, cars, and his baby (he refuses to refer to Hazel in any other way). Roland is shy, thoughtful, extremely perceptive, and maybe a little too curious for his own good.

I am finishing up a few classes in order to graduate while enjoying motherhood. It has been nice to have time for hobbies as well. Running and photography are my outlets these days and while I don't excel at either one, I enjoy them enough to not care.

Gabe had a busy year at work. He received a promotion and traveled to old and new places. He makes parenthood look easy and has joined in on my running habit.

.... this folks is all I wrote for our 2015 newsletter... months ago. But for posterity sake, I'm posting it.

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