Thursday, May 26, 2016

Three's (not so much) A Crowd

In case you haven't heard...

We're expecting our third child in October.

When people ask we typically say we are elated, and that is completely true. However, on days like today when Roland and I are sick and both kids just want to be held I wonder if I will be good enough to fit them all in when the time comes.

After we had Hazel we were told it was highly unlikely we will have another child, and if I did get pregnant survival past the first trimester is about 30%. Considering I have already had three miscarriages and the numerous health issues involving my reproductive organs we thought two was it. And we were grateful. How many people get the chance to have two children? Let alone a boy AND a girl.

So while this is unexpected, we won't be complaining about any of it... we might stress out about the fact that the car we bought in January won't fit a third car seat, or that I gave away all of my maternity clothes, our newborn essentials, and most of our baby clothes when we were moving. I might cry at the grocery store because there isn't really a way to fit three kids under three and groceries into a cart. And we might shake our heads as we try to configure a space for the new baby to sleep.

But, all of it is done with a sense of gratitude that we get another chance at pregnancy, and a newborn and all that comes with it. Our above stressers are pretty superficial. I know people who have twin toddlers and are expecting another set, and even a few with triplets. They all get my kudos and awe.

Wednesday we got to see our baby moving around and hiding from the ultrasound for almost a full hour (gotta love an in depth sonogram). And in the next few weeks we have to go in for more in depth genetic testing (Is it wrong that I am excited to talk to a geneticist? Simply because I find their job fascinating...). We still don't have a name, but we have another baby and that is something we are all too happy for.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Quit

Our maid quit yesterday. She decided she was tired of picking up the kids toys, mopping the kitchen, rearranging books, doing endless loads of dishes, and putting away the shoes the kids have spread across the house, all several times a day.

I saw this coming for awhile now, she's been slacking off as of late, cleaning has become a lesser priority and to be honest it takes a lot of stress off of me. Mostly , because I am the maid.

Last night I was stressing out about finishing school in time (which now probably won't happen until August for reasons beyond my control), having a clean house, and dealing with a renewed exhaustion from either pregnancy or my lovely thyroid. Something had to go and I decided it is the maid.

In her place I am implementing:
1. A toy and book rotation. I'm thinking we will split their toys into 3 groups and rotate every month or so.

2. I'm buying a dishwasher. Hello beautiful portable genius that makes my life better.

3. Gabe is solely in charge of laundry (his idea, not mine).

4. The shoe rack is going in the closet (we will see how long this one lasts).

Goodbye maid. Goodbye old level of cleaning standards...
Hello a bit more sanity.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2015 in Review

As I look back I can't help but give a sigh of relief that it is over. But that sigh also holds a bit of nostalgia because there are so many memories I hope to never forget.

Obviously, the biggest change in our family was Hazel. We have enjoyed having her in our lives more than we knew was possible. She turned 7 months old at the end of December with giggling, scooting around, and lots of kisses. She is healthy and thriving.

Roland has kept us on our toes with his dare devil antics. He went from having a major speech regression to using full sentences. His favorite things are outside, animals, cars, and his baby (he refuses to refer to Hazel in any other way). Roland is shy, thoughtful, extremely perceptive, and maybe a little too curious for his own good.

I am finishing up a few classes in order to graduate while enjoying motherhood. It has been nice to have time for hobbies as well. Running and photography are my outlets these days and while I don't excel at either one, I enjoy them enough to not care.

Gabe had a busy year at work. He received a promotion and traveled to old and new places. He makes parenthood look easy and has joined in on my running habit.

.... this folks is all I wrote for our 2015 newsletter... months ago. But for posterity sake, I'm posting it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

And I can easily understand...

Life has been moving at an ever quickening speed as of late. How have we lived here for almost two months? Hazel is on the verge of walking, and Roland has grown leaps and bounds in the vocabulary department. He is currently obsessed with telling people how we moved from Texas to Kansas and now we live in a driveway. He misses Texas more than I ever thought he would. He wants to visit old friends, the gym, our swing set, and Chick-fil-A. We explain to him how long the drive is and that we don't have a bed there anymore and he is usually satisfied with the answer.
But my momma heart instantly feels guilty because I know what it is like to miss an old place after moving as a kid, especially Texas.
Luckily, he has a built-in best friend in the form of Hazel, a friendly play group, and close by relatives.
Gabe really enjoys his new job and I am busy finishing school. We started a morning routine this week, which I love. Growing up my mom always had schedules and while we all complained about them I secretly loved it. These days Gabe's relaxed attitude balances out my overzealous one so we both end up getting more done, including this blog post and the following picture dump.

Because apples and Jif whips are the best. Also, Hazel must do whatever Roland does.

Our washer machine was broken in the move, which means we had to use the laundry mat a few times (before one of my mother in-laws started doing our laundry, no joke). Roland was especially okay with it because they have the neatest video games there.

Papa's shoes are cooler than his any day.

When brother naps the Hazel will read all his books.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Come back to [Kansas]

I stopped writing when started moving and now I think we finally have our bearings straight...
The house hunt was a bit brutal. Everything was either overpriced, in the ghetto (as ghetto as Salina gets) or not little kid friendly (no yard, too many steep stairs, dangerous layout... you get the idea). At one point we even entertained the idea of buying, but considering it takes me weeks to buy a pair of shoes the idea of that large a commitment on short notice stressed me out enough we kaboshed the idea.

 There was one house that stayed on our minds and when the landlord offered to lower the rent simply because we were a "nice young family" we decided to go for it. While Gabe was busy in Texas packing, cleaning, and prepping most of our belongings for the move I signed a lease, turned on all utilities, etc. My in-laws let us stay at their house indefinitely while we waited for our belongings (which were delayed three different times and got the  after Gabe started work) and my little brother John was able to come and help me with the kids which made life so much easier.

Unfortunately, Gabe missed Hazel's first Easter (which was pretty low key anyways because, moving).

When we did move in we had minimal everything and the kids loved running /crawling around an empty house.