Manic Monday

I typically enjoy Mondays. They're a fresh start, something to look forward to after the weekend. But last Monday was long and a series of disasters brought about by yours truly. I accidentally locked Roland in the car. Thankfully he was buckled into his car seat. But when Roland gets upset in the car he takes his shoes and socks off and if he has his cup he pours his water/milk on himself... so that happened. The fear of frivolous lawsuits left the Sheriff's office unwilling to help us. Our location left us with no locksmith willing to come out (I even tried bribing a few with extra money). Finally after my third call to the local authorities (Did I mention I locked my phone in as well, so I was using a neighbour's?) they found a locksmith an hour away who was willing to help.
In the meantime I found the only wire hanger in our house, a screwdriver, and a paint stick, sat Hazel in front of her favourite nature movie and attempted to break into my car with the reluctant help of a Constable. In the meantime, a friend came and picked up Hazel.
Eventually the locksmith showed up. The door was unlocked, and aside from a mild case of hypothermia Roland is fine.

That night I dropped a heavy (ish) lamp on my foot, causing a bruised bone that turned into a hairline fracture.
And Hazel was sick the entire week.

I don't know if it was lack of sleep, Gabe being gone, or just an off day but of truly hope tomorrow is back to the Monday I know and love.

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