Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tony Stark Eaton October 2011 - December 2015

A few days before Christmas we found out our little Starky passed away.

Goodness I am going to miss that little guy. He was my first little furbaby, filling a hole that I didn't know I had, brought about by three miscarriages. He snuggled his way into our hearts and I never thought we would have to say goodbye so soon.

He was my friend on long and lonely days of bed rest with Roland. He seemed to intrinsically know who needed comfort and love and would crawl on their lap if they would let him. People who do not care for pets fell in love with him.

Starky could tell when my mom was getting anxious and sat on her lap, almost instantly calming her down.

I hate that he is gone.

[I'll add pictures later, I don't feel like crying right now.]

2016: [En]Joy

I have about six other blog posts I need to work on but this one is at the forefront of my mind and so it will come first.

Each year I choose a one word New Years resolution (see previous years here and here). Post baby hormones and thyroid issues have done a number on me this time around and depression hit me hard. I threw myself into being a mother, school work, fitness and health, and my church calling but I couldn't shake the underlying feeling of emptiness and loss. I was definitely dedicated but there was a hollowness to it all.

So this year I chose a word that resonates with my soul. Something I have had in fleeting moments but haven't been able to grasp long term for awhile: [En]Joy.

And I plan on living life with that word in the back of my mind all year long.