4 Months of Hazel

My barely 4 month old daughter has decided that she no longer needs to be held/rocked to sleep. She will cry and squirm in our arms but if we put her in her bed she gets comfortable and goes right to sleep...

Independent and only likes cuddles on her time

14 lbs 8.5 oz

24 in tall

Her eyes light up when Roland is in her field of vision. Hazel loves to bury her face in a blanket and hold onto someone's finger or a blanket to fall asleep in the car or away from home. She can roll over from back to front, and almost from front to back. She tries to crawl and can move around a little bit. She giggles and has definitely found her voice. Hazel gets overheated easily, which has made this summer with our outdoors loving toddler interesting.
Roland sings to her and Hazel coos right back.
She is a favorite at the gym daycare, someone is always holding her when we go pick her up. This girl is probably the most stubborn baby I have ever met, she is very particular and let's us know it. But, we wouldn't have her any other way.

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