Sundays are the fun days...

Today was a typical Sunday. We rushed in to the church building only to stand in the foyer until after the sacrament was administered because e were once again late. When we got into the chapel there were only fold out chairs left and so we chose a spot close to the door for the expected frequent exits.
Exit number one occurred with a diaper change, number two was a screaming Roland who had managed to convince his Papa he needed to sit in his own chair only to slide out the opening and land on his back. Exit number three occurred due to a fussy Hazel.
After sacrament we headed to Gabe's Primary classroom where we divided up the diaper bag and I decided to take Roland to nursery for the first time.
Roland had fun

until he realized I had left, which gave me enough time to get some things done for my calling before comforting an upset Roland. He fell asleep almost immediately after I picked him up and we headed back to Relief Society during which Gabe and I exchanged the following pictures:

During the closing prayer of Relief Society I heard what I found out was a very upset Hazel. I gathered up my things as quickly as I could holding a sleeping Roland and headed out to help Gabe get us home before another meltdown occurred.

Sometimes three hours of worship can seem like a bit much when we have two kids under the age of two and I feel like I am in the hallway more than not. But, we go because regardless of how much we miss while in the hallways, each week there is something that we learn, Gabe loves teaching his Primary kids, and the work of the Lord is never done.

Sundays won't always be this hectic and I know there will come a time I will look back longingly at my littles who wanted their Mama so much. 

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