Roland the Rambunctious

Roland has become increasingly independent, and for the most part we are thrilled. He also has become just tall enough to start pulling things off the kitchen counters, only to have them come crashing down on him.

Last Monday I was changing Hazel's diaper when Roland asked for a "bamana" (his current favorite food). He got a mischievous grin on his face and ran into the kitchen. The next thing I knew there was a loud crash, a broken bowl, and a grinning Roland who had found his banana. Then I saw the blood. Initially it looked like he just had a few superficial cuts on the upper side of his left wrist. But while I was cleaning it I realized just how deep one of the cuts was.

Thankfully, Gabe was almost home from work anyways and off to Urgent Care we went. At this point Roland's biggest frustration was the bandage I had put on his wrist and he was doing his best to wiggle free of his parents and run around. Once the Dr looked at his wrist they decided he needed a few stitches. We had the option of topical pain medication and restraining him or sedation at the hospital. We chose to restrain him. As I held him down (in addition to being swaddled and two nurses helping) I tried to distract him by asking if he wanted some ice cream. The poor kid just kept saying "No, bamana. Bamana. Bamana."

A week later we are stitches and glass decor free, and Roland loves his bamanas more than ever.

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