Hazel is 2 Months

Hazel turned two months old yesterday, and all the cliches of time going too quickly apply.

11 lbs 12.6 oz
23 inches long
39 cm head circumference

Current nicknames:
Diva cakes
Hazel teeny (and teeny Hazel)
Hazy baby

As of right now there is no evidence that she will have any lasting problems from her blood issues at birth. Her kidneys, heart, and liver are all doing their job. My vocabulary isn't adequate enough to express the gratitude I have for two healthy children.

Everyone told us that the second child would be nothing like the first and for the most part we have found it to be true. However there are a few exceptions; both kids adore their Papa and have major acid reflux.

We thought Roland cried a lot... and then we had Hazel. She was so uncomfortable and so upset, all the time. With the help of a pediatrician who specializes in GI issues we figured out Hazel has major issues digesting most food sources along with a severe case of GERD (or baby reflux). After she had been on her new formula for about a week her mood drastically improved and after a few weeks of her being on her acid reflux medicine it was like we had a new baby. I must say I am entirely grateful to live in the time and place we do because without access to good healthcare and without the freedom to choose our pediatrician we would have one cranky girl on our hands.

Hazel loves to be swaddled and will sleep up to seven hours at night when she is. She coos a bit but mostly smiles. She loves when her brother cuddles her, but she usually looses interest before he does. She naps best when she is in her car seat or one of us is wearing her (which I love and take full advantage of).

We still haven't figured out a lullaby just for her yet. We've tried a few but nothing seems to fit so far.

Little Hazel you have completely changed our lives, and we are tremendously grateful!

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