Having Children Isn't A Disability

Today a friend said something I can't stop thinking about. She said "Children aren't a disability." It was in the context of enjoying our kids versus acting like they are a burden.

I thought about it as I cleaned up after Hazel's projectile vomit for the third time today... I thought about it as I heard "You sure have your hands full." numerous times while running errands with both kids... and as I tried to calm two crying children on the way home when we got stuck in traffic.

I've heard time and time again "Being a parent is so difficult." I have even said it. But honestly, compared to what? Is there anything in my life as rewarding as parenthood that isn't difficult? Is that not true of all worthwhile goals?

Having children isn't an obligation, it isn't something that gets in the way of life, and it isn't something to groan through.

Being a mom is amazing, and my children are some of my best friends. There is something that I absolutely love about each day. I have never had a friend who didn't frustrate or annoy me, and my kids are the same. But for the most part we have a lot of fun and that is why I choose to be around them all day, most days.

So maybe if you find yourself complaining about being a parent more than not, if the sleepless nights and endless worry are starting to get to you maybe it's time to reevaluate why and how you're parenting.

Because while parenting has it's difficult moments, there's no reason it can't be a lot of fun too.

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