Father's Day 2015

Dear Gabe,
            This year I had a difficult time thinking of what to say to you on Father's Day. Mostly it was due to lack of sleep, but it was also because there are so many things you do for our children, most of which isn't easily put into words. But I am so grateful that this is the definition of fatherhood in our home:

Kisses for sleeping babies

And snuggling at bedtime

Doing the difficult things like watching our child get stitches (a longer story, another time)

Putting both kids to sleep so I can take a hot bath

Swimming for hours with Roland after a long day

Redefining multitasking, who else can feed one child, burp another, and play the Wii. Ha.

Comfort a fussy newborn

Foreign fingers in your mouth

Working hard for your family

Countless shoulder and piggyback rides

Singing to calm little ones

And cleaning up messes

Our children will never go hungry, they will always have a home and clothes on their backs. But more importantly they will always know their father loves them and they can go to him with anything. Our children are so lucky to call you Papa.

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