Roland Turns One

Roland turned one. In February. And I finally decided to post this...

We celebrated in shifts. The day of his birthday he had some medical tests including blood work. He was pretty upset about his blood draw. I asked him if he wanted to show Papa, and he did.

We were going to celebrate over the weekend but Ro had plans of his own which included a double whammy of RSV and bronchitis. So instead we spent it snuggling and I learned how to sleep comfortably while pregnant, sitting up, and holding a sick baby.

When he was feeling well enough we did a cake smash. At first he was apprehensive of becoming messy, but eventually he loved squishing and then tasting his cake. 

While Roland has had more than his fair share of sicknesses over his first year, we are entirely grateful his brain and body are still developing at a normal rate.

Some of our favorite things about Roland:
-his occasional fierce independence
-how much he shows his love for each of us
-how increasingly comfortable he is becoming in social settings
-his little laugh
-how particular he is with how he eats his food, 
-his concern for others 
-how expressive he has become
-his love of the outdoors
-his sweet little cuddles
-his love of different textures
-his love of books
-how curious he is about the world around him

It is so fun to watch our little baby become a little toddler. He has so many little quirks that Gabe has and scrunches his nose up like I have done since his age. 

I am so grateful that he is ours.

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