Hazel, the hospital, and her health

I'm still in the middle of writing Hazel's Birth story. But today was the first good day in awhile and I wanted to write down a few thoughts.

A few hours after Hazel was born the pediatric team came in and started asking questions about my and Gabe's blood types and family medical history. After a few questions we learned that sometime in the last 18 weeks of my pregnancy my body had developed antigens that treated Hazel as a foreign threat and began attacking her red blood cells.

Over the past few days we've learned that means she has a lot of extra bilirubin built up in her system, causing a severe case of jaundice that her liver is having a difficult time getting rid of. Today we learned she is also allergic to my breast milk. So far there haven't been any signs of long term organ damage and we hope it stays that way.

To monitor her, blood is taken every few hours and unless she is eating or having her diaper changed she has to be under lights. One night after taking her bilirubin levels she ended up in the NICU hooked up to an IV and monitors. However, she is back in her own room again and they took out her IV line this afternoon.

The past few days have been extremely stressful for our family. But, this evening has been perfect. I was able to leave the hospital for the first time since last Wednesday. Roland giggled in delight as I buckled him into his car seat for a drive, just him and me.

We went on a long walk, ate dinner at home, and then headed back to see Gabe and Hazel. I am so grateful for a peaceful evening as a family, snuggled up together, watching Harry Potter. I can't wait for more days like these when we're actually home.

 Baby Girl in the NICU

 Back in her room, Papa measuring the lights to make sure the positioning is correct. At this point the nurses just have us do it because we know the Dr's orders better than they do. One day I hope I can remember to write about the importance of being your child's advocate. Maybe after I start sleeping again.

 This is how we flirt these days... 

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