2014 Holiday Season

I have always felt a sort of energy during the holiday season, and this year that energy seemed a bit more magical as we experienced Roland's firsts; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Halloween was celebrated with our local congregation's annual Trunk-or-Treat, where we ate chili and Roland giggled and frowned at everyone in costume. Gabe and I had fun with a family costume theme that Gabe barely made it home from to work to be a part of. 

 I am grateful we went, mostly because Roland ended up getting sick and the 31st was spent with cold cloths on his forehead, pushing fluids, and extra snuggles. 

For Thanksgiving we headed to Missouri to visit Gabe's sister, who we had not seen in years. It was a lot of fun actually getting to know my sister and brother-in-law and their fantastic kids for me and Roland. Gabe was happy to once again visit their home. There was a lot of laughing, from the ridiculous rolls I messed up and tried to save, to listening to stories about Gabe when we was younger, to late night games and conversations after all the kids were asleep. I'm still dreaming of the king sized bed we slept in.

We ended up having three Christmases this year:

first one of our own,

then one with my mom and family,

then one with Gabe's parents and all of his siblings.

We were able to capture an Eaton family picture with everyone in it, even if it was freezing and windy outside. Even though we were pretty busy this Christmas I was grateful for time with Gabe to reflect on the birth of our Savior and his sacrifice for each one of us. Sometime in November someone sent me a video of Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood, and Reba McIntire singing Silent Night.  It soon became a favorite of Roland's and he would watch it over and over. If he was struggling in the car or uncomfortable because he wasn't feeling well, we would play the video for him or sing the song to him and he would calm down. Because of that, Gabe and I could sing all three verses of Silent Night in our sleep (and have done so at least half asleep more than once). I think in future years we will try to memorize all of the verses of a Christmas song each year and sing it throughout the season to help remind us of the spirit of love that should permeate this holiday season. I can already see my children rolling their eyes.
I still can't believe we were able to visit so many family members (much to Roland's chagrin as he is still going strong with his stranger danger phase). I am grateful for the holiday season we had and look forward to more years.

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