Flirty Thirty

Remember when I was pregnant with Roland and gave frequent updates? Yeah...

This Friday marks 30 weeks along! Hazel (lovingly nicknamed Hazey Baby) is growing and healthy. She is much more active than Roland was, and if it is any indication of what she will be like outside the womb we will definitely have our hands full. One of the sweetest things this pregnancy has been Roland in the mornings. He will climb next to my belly and give it kisses and snuggles mimicking our 'sister Hazel' which sounds much more like "sisteh hageg."

I have reached a new level of exhaustion this past week, and pretty much walk around like a zombie. I am currently obsessed with sandwiches and salads, and most sweet things make me sick to my stomach. Heartburn is all the rage these days, so we are hoping that means a full head of hair. In a moment of panic the other day I made a long list of things we have versus things we still need to get. If we learned anything from Roland it is planning is a necessary joke when it comes to having kids. We were ready for him to be out of newborn clothes and diapers in a week or two. Instead, he was in premie sizes for almost a month. While some people say a swing isn't needed it was a lifesaver for our colicky baby.

And so, Hazel Evangeline is definitely a second child with more laid back parents and a few less baby things.
We love her and are grateful for these babies of ours.

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