Roland is 11 Months Old

This kid of ours... he is pretty fantastic. He is learning to mimic words and so far in his repertoire are "papa" "mama" (both of which he uses to refer to his father, although he has started calling me "mama" as well) "kisses" "get it" "dada" (dog) and "he da" (Heather).

Roland also uses his little walker to run around the house. He has become pretty good at twisting and turning around corners, which is humorous to watch. He loves electronic anything, books, and helping get himself dressed. We had a proud parent moment as we watched him get over his fear of vacuums the past few weeks. When the vacuum is on now he follows it around and growls at it.

We have learned over the past few months that we have a very stubborn child. This is true with learning how to walk. Roland has taken a total of three consecutive steps, several times now. But then he drops down to his hands and knees and crawls. He also will not feed himself, unless he is drinking a bottle. It does not matter what the food is or how hungry he is, he refuses. I was stressed over it at first, but now Gabe and I are amused by it and feel like he will start feeding himself in his own time. Plus, it's nice to not have to worry about him trying to eat nonfood items.

These past few months have been trying, Roland's first winter was a tough one with him getting sick countless times. I will breathe a sigh of relief when winter and flu season are over. The prayers said and research done to help our little guy have been exhaustive. I will never forget a particularly rough night as I was holding and rocking a whimpering child who did not feel good and didn't know why. I was so frustrated that I couldn't make him better, and that his medicine seemed to not be working.
But, even with all the little frustrations I am grateful for my child, for motherhood, and for a chance to love and take care of our little Roland.

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