For the past few years I have had one word resolutions for the year. I like it because while I have quite a few goals in mind I really like to be reminded of the why of my goals.

2014 was purpose. As Gabe and I become parents, celebrated four years of marriage, I became pregnant again, and completed my first 1/2 marathon that word was in the back of my mind.

This year, the first week in January I was reading and became focused on the word dedication. I continued thinking about that word and what it meant, and (probably because I was thinking about it) I kept seeing and hearing the word 'dedication'.

I can't remember when it dawned on me that this was my 2015 word. I want to be more dedicated to God, to my family, and to my health. I want to remember that the effort I put in now is worth the long term outcomes. I want my husband and soon to be two children to not question their placed in my priorities. I want to show myself and my Heavenly Father that I believe in the faith that I am living. I want to set fitness and health goals, then reach and exceed them.

So here is to 2015, my year of dedication.

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