Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fragile and Dear

We were completely taken back when we found out I was pregnant (again). I had to pick some things up on the way home from taking Gabe to work and bought a test one a whim, fully expecting it to be negative but wondering if there was anything else that could be causing my current ailments.  I had it all planned out as to how I was going to tell Gabe but... he called me to ask a question right after I found out and I just kind of blurted out "I'm pregnant."in response.

I think this picture probably sums up each one of our initial feelings about finding out...

I was freaking out, Roland is (still) completely oblivious to the fact that his entire world is about to change, and Gabe was stressed but overall happy.

We are currently trying to soak up as much time with Roland as we can. That is probably the biggest thing I am worried about, Roland; what his needs are, how in the world we are going to stop co-sleeping, should I attempt potty training, will I be able to pick him up my entire pregnancy... and the list goes on. 

 We really are incredibly grateful for Baby Eaton #2. I could care less about the gender of little one. I don't know if the thought of not buying more clothes, or buying little girl clothes is more exciting to me. I have been blessed with a much easier pregnancy this time around (no bed rest so far, I am cleared to travel, and even to continue running) which I am grateful for. Gabe is just happy I can still exercise because I am much more pleasant when I do (my words, not his). 

While the timing isn't what we expected, we could not be happier about the newest addition to our family. 

Fall Happenings

This year we had some friends show us the neatest little pumpkin patch in our area. And because I have been sick/busy/lazy I am just now writing about it.

The morning of our pumpkin patch adventure we were up around 5 to start preparations for our stake's General Conference 5k. Despite a few bumps it turned out to be a lot of fun and Gabe placed 3rd.

Yes, it was a smaller race, but I was proud of Gabe's time of 24 minutes considering he hadn't trained at all.

Then it was showers and off to the pumpkin patch, I was kind of expecting it to be chill outside but it is Texas and I should have known better. It was at least 85 degrees but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

 Some of our good friends here in Texas

 Roland wanted so badly to get down...

until the baby goat bleated at him.

The flower patch where you are able to go and cut your own flowers.

Happy Fall Y'all!