Friday, September 12, 2014

Cha cha changes

Since we got back from our trip at least one person has been sick in our house. It reminds me of being pregnant with all the tv watching,  couch sleeping,  and going to bed early that has been going around...

If Gabe and Ro were the pregnant ones. But I'm grateful for my boys and their usual great health statuses. In other news Gabe's company was acquired by a much larger, much more international company this week. 

 While we're not sure of the exact changes Gabe is excited to see what is in store for him. My adventurous nature hopes it means we'll get to use our passports before they expire. But more than that it reminds me of the importance of choices that we do have power over. There are so many things in our life that are out of our hands, but those decisions we have should be deliberate and have purpose.

Friday, September 5, 2014

We were born for this...

August was a busy month around here. We moved into a new home (closer to Gabe's work and with a bit more yard), my little brothers came to spend the end of their summer with us, Gabe went out of town for work, and we took a last minute road trip.

We had so much fun with Benji and John, even though we spent a lot of time just hanging out around the house.

But on the last Friday they were here we surprised them with a trip to Sea World.

It was so hot outside! But with the different inside exhibits and splash zones we were able to keep cool. Roland enjoyed a lot of the day, which surprised us because we thought he wouldn't really care. On the way home we stopped at Red Robin and Cold Stone. By the time we headed home everyone was happy, full, and tired.

Gabe went out of town for a week and his flight happened to pass through Dallas. So I decided to surprise him with a road trip. We had a lot of fun and saw some of our favorite people along the way. Even though it was short and there were a lot of other places we could have gone it was a perfect little get away for Labor Day weekend.

Roland helped me with laundry before the trip...

Oh how I absolutely love this view...

Roland was so worn out after playing in the Kansas wind. He loves being outside, dogs,  and dirt.

 There are some things I am good and at others I really struggle with. Anything that has to do with homemaking (whatever that means) I most likely struggle with. So this rhubarb pie was a victory for me.

Happy September! It is strange how quickly time has gone since Roland arrived.