Sunday, July 20, 2014

That was a lot cooler in my head...

You know how you picture something in your mind and it seems a lot cooler in theory than in execution? Well... this was one of those moments. We took a picture at Pop's (a fun pit stop between our parents' houses that we like to frequent) on the way to Thanksgiving when I was 28 weeks along and then again on the way home from Roland's baby blessing when he was a little over 2 months. Roland was a lot more cooperative with photos while he was still in the womb. I also slept a lot more back in those days.

The new best day of my life...

Some gems I found on Gabe's phone:

And the rocket's red glare...

This 4th of July was a blast. Gabe was supposed to get time off work but ended up not being able to so we stayed in town. But my mom and stepdad's plans fell through as well and so they brought my little brothers down and we had a low key but fun 4th of July filled with a cookout, fireworks, and "swimming" in Roland's first little inflatable pool.

Our city has a ban on any sort of fireworks, which had me really bummed out because I love fireworks and I wanted Roland to experience them. We ended up driving out to the country to set of a few of our own and as luck would have it someone else was setting off quite the aerial show close enough that we were able to enjoy it as well. Ro was passed out most of the time but we decided to wake him up for the fountains and I am so glad. He sat there mesmerized, cooing and squealing in delight as Gabe, John, and Benji set off the fountains.

After, we went home and roasted marshmallows for S'mores and Roland was so excited when Papa gave him a little taste.

As everyone tapered off to bed Gabe and I sat on the back porch looking at our green backyard and adorable sleeping little boy.

Sometimes I marvel at the fact that this is my life. It might not be super exciting, and we may live in a small Texas town where not a lot happens, but I am grateful to be here, raising my son, married to my best friend, figuring out this life of ours.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

1/2 Year New Year's Resolution Check In

I've been doing a lot of deep thinking as of late... and I realized that I was not as appreciative of this time and place in my life as I should be.
We live in the Texas heat, where not much surrounds us culturally,  Gabe doesn't have a lot of time off work, we only have one car and I'm a stay at home mother.
It gets lonely at times and there are days I crave for a bit more than housework and our tight budget we have set for ourselves. I am a person who likes to be out and about doing things and going places,  making to do lists and fulfilling them. I love to learn and research and try new things.
But I remember a time when I was doing all of those things and there was a void in my life. I wanted so badly to be a mother. I knew that was what I really wanted from life and so Gabe and I decided what was most important to us. And I remember that I don't miss those days quite as much as I thought I did.
My one word New Year's resolution this year is purpose. And I think the realization that I have come to is that real purpose does not come without sacrifice.
And I am more than willing to sacrifice for the opportunity to be a wife, a mother, a disciple of Christ. I will not always be perfect. I will many times fall short. But when I realize what matters most,  the sacrifices seem much smaller than I originally anticipated.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I've Got an Angel...

I had a very fussy and very cuddly little boy today... but among all of the tears there were smiles and hugs and very slobbery kisses.