But what do you DO.....

I realized as I was bragging about Gabe's food science project that there were a few misconceptions I should probably clear up and I prefer the "tell everyone in a general blog post" method.

1.) Gabe does not in fact get paid royalties for any of the products he creates for his company. I promise we're not like "Hey go buy this product so we can get money." If you want to try them then great, and if not that's fine too.

2.) Gabe works in research and development which means he researches and then develops new products. For now, this means he does everything from figuring out which machinery will produce the food to the flavors, textures,  seasonings,  cook times etc of the product. He deals directly with the food product and not so much the marketing or display of it.

3.) Not every area of the country will be selling Mextremes. However, where they are available, Mextremes are found at stores that sell Kroger brand foods.

4.) This isn't health food and yes it is a taquito covered in seasoning so if you're anti processed food then Mextremes probably aren't for you. We're not offended. However, if you send me a message saying my husband is perpetuating the obesity epidemic in America, I will ignore you.

Thank you for your support and interest in Gabe's work. I tried to think of the most obvious questions but if I missed any just let me know!

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