Roland is Two Months

This update is from April 5th... it has been one crazy month... and a half.

Roland is two months old. Friday April 4th he received his first set of immunizations and his doctor suggested we start him on baby cereal.
Some stats:
He is 11 pounds even and 2 feet long.
His head is 15 inches in circumference

Roland is still hid dad's best buddy but when he's hungry he wants mom. He has only just started smiling on his own and officially tries to scoot places but usually gets too frustrated before he gets too far.  His doctor suggested that we start giving him a little cereal to help his digestive system along. He eats it best with breast milk and gets so excited to eat with a spoon. Right now we're only feeding him one serving a day but we might increase it to two because he enjoys it so much.
Ro's personality is really starting to show. He is determined and persistent, and most of the time knows what he wants. Roland loves being around people. When he is tired Roland fights to stay awake, as if he doesn't want to miss out on anything. We have to cover his face with a light blanket so he will go to sleep most of the time.
He still loves music and kicks his little arms and legs in excitement when he hears it. He is also obsessed with lights and ceiling fans and becomes upset when he can't touch them.

Those toes

Just kicking back

Post immunizations. He slept for pretty much the entire day.

He still really enjoys nursing. 

He loves getting his fingers kissed and will hold them up for you.

I adore this sleeping position of his. I was in the middle of a diaper change and he wasn't having it.

It looks like he mostly slept through his second month of life.

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