Roland is One Month old... Or five weeks by the time I finished writing this

Roland turned one month old last week. He celebrated by getting sick and going to the doctor. Poor kid. However, he is growing and that makes his Mama and Papa very happy.

8 pounds
22 1/2 inches

I am excited Roland is over over eight pounds these days because that means he is big enough for me to wear around in a carrier or wrap. But we still mostly just hang out on the couch or floor together. Once he started to feel better his cooing became more frequent. He is also sure to tell us when he isn't happy and has added squeals to his growls and squeaking. He especially gets excited when Gabe comes home. He kicks his legs and moves his arms in that uncoordinated way that newer babies do.

During the day we listen to music, have tummy time, talk and eat and eat and eat. I definitely think he is going through a growth spurt. My favorite time is still when he is curled up on my lap or chest asleep. He looks so calm and peaceful and I love watching him dream.

This little guy kicks off one sock as  soon as he gets the chance

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