And if you ask me...

When you have a baby your body changes... and unlike all my fantastic delusions I had this body of mine has yet to return to its' previous state. So, Saturday when Gabe and I headed to our local Old Navy to try on jeans for $5 coupons (because I refuse to buy almost anything without a coupon or discount of some sort) I went from mildly amused to a bit flabbergasted as I tried on pair after pair of jeans, only to find I didn't like how any of them, no matter the size, looked on me.

I love that my body (with the help of modern medicine) was able to grow a child. I still sit and stare at him in awe at least once a day. But, that doesn't mean I am used to this somewhere between pregnant and in shape again body that I have.

And so with that in mind my wonderful husband shopped with me for 4 HOURS so I could find a pair of jeans that I felt confident in. He searched through racks of clothes, held and entertained Roland, hung up tried on clothes as I breastfed in two different dressing rooms, and reminded me my self worth doesn't depend on what I look like in denim.

I found a great pair of Levi's... But more than that I found out how much my husband really does love me. 4 hours of jean shopping worth, and then some.

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