Roland 1 Week

I am still working on Roland's birth story, but I wanted to get his 1 week report up on here.

Length: 19 1/2 inches (I honestly haven't measured since the hospital)
Weight: 6 lbs 6 oz (back up to birth weight)

Newborn clothes are still big on him and he has to wear premie size diapers because he is so thin.

Lifts his head 2/4/2014

This week has been a learning curve for baby, mom, and dad. The first few days Roland was home all he did was sleep and cry.

After exclusively breast feeding for the first few days I decided to supplement with formula.

It was like we had a new baby. He was more relaxed and calm, no longer cried day and night, and just had a more peaceful feel to him. I felt so guilty for not feeding him enough the past few days, and zero guilt for not exclusively breastfeeding. Maybe one day we can get back to that but for now I am enjoying a happier and healthier baby.

Roland seems to be especially alert for his age and when he is awake I don't seem to get a lot done because I prefer to stare at him and have one sided conversations. He enjoys listening to music, so far his favorites are Vivaldi's Four Seasons and Alex Boye.

Roland and Gabe have had a special bond since day one. If Ro is upset Papa is the one who is able to calm him down best. When Ro hears Gabe's voice he moves his eyes around looking for him and once or twice I have called Gabe at work so Roland can hear him talk on speaker phone.

Some more pictures from this week:

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