More purpose...

It isn't even 5:30 and I've been awake for over an hour. Gabe had some tests he had to oversee at work very early this morning and Starky decided to jump on me, make sure I was wide awake, and then quietly go back to sleep.

In my halfway awake state I have been reflecting on the past year, where it started and where Gabe and I are now, literally and metaphorically. 2013 was a difficult year in a lot of ways, but I can't help but look back at it with a full heart and gratitude.

To be honest, Texas has been challenging for the both of us. But I can't remember a time we have been closer as a couple. We have been able to focus a lot of our energy on preparing to be parents and figuring out what our priorities are going to be for the next few years. We have stopped trying to plan everything and decided the best approach to take is set goals and just kind of let everything else happen.

Last year, I decided to start the new year with a one word resolution: kindness. I am so grateful that was the word I chose as the year brought challenges the word kindness was a reminder to me, to be better, to be nicer, to be more compassionate and loving. At times I was less than ideal, but overall I do believe that I was able to better myself in this area on more than one occasion.

Over the past few weeks I have thought about what word I want to bring into 2014. This is the year I become a mother, it is the first full year Gabe and I do not have semesters to dictate our schedule and budget. And so, with the many goals and plans that come with parenting and moving forward I have decided that this year my one word resolution is Purpose.

More purpose in being a wife, a parent, in what I read, in health, in how I spend time and money... You get the idea.

Here is to a 2014 of purpose. *cue raising my glass of sparkling cider

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