If We Close Our Eyes...

This past Wednesday we celebrated my 26th birthday. Gabe woke up first thing and went to get me a doughnut, which was terribly sweet of him considering we were up late with a sick dog and he had work.

When he left for work I decided to make a huge pillow cocoon on the couch and did a lot of Netflixing (That's totally a verb, right?!), eating a few of these:

and doing not much of anything else.

We went out to eat earlier last week to celebrate, simply because we wanted to go while we had the chance. But when Gabe got home he had one more surprise for me. I have had an insane craving for a good burger for about a month now. My top two preferences Braum's and In-n-Out were far away and so Gabe found a similar place called Freddy's. It was delicious... and now my burger favorites go Braum's, Freddy's and then In-n-Out.... or Five Guys, depending on what type of fry mood I am in.

Birthday wishes from family and friends, thoughtful gifts, delicious food, naps, and spending time with the my man; a 37 1/2 week pregnant woman's perfect birthday. Thank you so much to everyone who made it special, especially you Husband.

We were freezing and I was entirely exhausted but I love this picture for so many reasons including that look of happiness on Gabe's face, the fact that my wedding ring still fits sometimes, and I had just found out I get an entire 5 days with my husband because he has mandatory time off. 

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