Christmas 2013

Christmas was a bittersweet event for us. Due to the lovely side effects of pregnancy I was unable to fly and with Gabe only having two days off we decided not to drive to Utah for our Eaton family Christmas.

But, last minute two of my younger brothers came to stay with us and we had so much fun with them. I forget how much better Christmas is with kids around, they just make it seem more magical, more spiritual and overall more special. I got up and started our traditional Christmas breakfast (orange poppy seed muffins, breakfast casserole and fruit) while Benji tiptoed around checking out all of the presents. John woke up about an hour later and as requested the boys let Gabe sleep until 8.

We opened presents:

Ben and John talked on the phone and Google Hung Out with my mom and step dad while opening presents. They were so funny about it, John said "Gabe is this what it is like to be a business man?"

Some of my favorite boys... minus Roland.

 See this look on Gabe's face? That is because I finally bested him and he didn't figure out what he was getting for Christmas. He totally thought all he got was his inversion table. I love surprising him.

Even Starky got into the Christmas spirit. 

We spent the rest of the day enjoying presents and one another. I mostly read on the couch, Gabe and the boys played games, we watched a few movies and ate delicious food.  We had a few facetime and Skype sessions. We talked about the birth of Christ and what our favorite parts of the Christmas story were.

I love this time of year and I love my husband. As I sat there and watched him with my brothers I got a little sappy thinking about how it would be once we have our own kids unwrapping presents around the Christmas tree.

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