Baby Eaton

I can't remember the last time I did an update on Roland. The holidays and then catching up from the holidays, and then realizing holy Toledo we are going to have a baby outside the womb in less than two months, and a huge project for Gabe at work made the past few months go quickly.

I've been reading quite a bit about how to get dogs ready for a baby to come into the home. We want to establish that this is another master coming into the house, not a toy or subordinate. I also read that dogs can sense when a new baby is coming. I believe it, Starky has been a lot more needy and clingy as of late. He especially loves snuggling up to Gabe when he gets home.

As far as Roland himself goes, there isn't anything too different to note. His due date was moved up from the 28th of February to the 15th of February because he and his vital organs appeared to be more developed at his 20 week appointment. I go back and forth between what I think his real due date is. I finally decided that I will be prepared (theoretically, I mean is anyone really prepared for parenthood?) for him as if his due date is the 15th but I'm not going to get too excited if nothing happens until after the 28th.

26 weeks

35 Weeks

I'm unsure what those goofy faces are about, I guess I've given up on normal ones and hey it keeps things interesting in these belly pictures. Sorry about the flash as well... I just got a new phone and still don't know what I am doing with it. 

Gabe's company has been so nice about this pregnancy. He has been able to take time off for several of my doctor's appointments and they threw me a wonderful baby shower over their lunch break this past Wednesday. I loved sitting down and eating with Gabe and most of his colleagues, I can tell how much he is appreciated by many people in his company and I am grateful. They also made fun of me for being born in Oklahoma. Oh well.

The diaper cake someone made was especially pretty, at first I thought it was an actual cake.

I love the look on Gabe's face in this picture. He is so excited and happy about our little boy. 

Some days I still can't believe this is really happening, we are really going to have a baby! I still feel apprehensive about washing and putting away all of his little clothes, just in case. But, I do my best to shake those moments off and enjoy my naps while I can have them (yay for first baby) and feeling those little movements from inside of me, knowing there is a little boy we will get to meet soon.

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