Friday, January 31, 2014

If We Close Our Eyes...

This past Wednesday we celebrated my 26th birthday. Gabe woke up first thing and went to get me a doughnut, which was terribly sweet of him considering we were up late with a sick dog and he had work.

When he left for work I decided to make a huge pillow cocoon on the couch and did a lot of Netflixing (That's totally a verb, right?!), eating a few of these:

and doing not much of anything else.

We went out to eat earlier last week to celebrate, simply because we wanted to go while we had the chance. But when Gabe got home he had one more surprise for me. I have had an insane craving for a good burger for about a month now. My top two preferences Braum's and In-n-Out were far away and so Gabe found a similar place called Freddy's. It was delicious... and now my burger favorites go Braum's, Freddy's and then In-n-Out.... or Five Guys, depending on what type of fry mood I am in.

Birthday wishes from family and friends, thoughtful gifts, delicious food, naps, and spending time with the my man; a 37 1/2 week pregnant woman's perfect birthday. Thank you so much to everyone who made it special, especially you Husband.

We were freezing and I was entirely exhausted but I love this picture for so many reasons including that look of happiness on Gabe's face, the fact that my wedding ring still fits sometimes, and I had just found out I get an entire 5 days with my husband because he has mandatory time off. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Of Electric Dreams...

After I completed my last round of foot surgeries, I never thought I would have to go this long without running. And after a stress filled week I am craving a long, make my muscles and lungs scream in protest as I push myself to the physical limit, kind of run.

Obviously, that is not a reality. So instead I peruse Amazon for nursing sports bras and new running shoes while I think about how much I wanted this, longed for it. I cannot believe how soon we will have little Roland in our arms. I watch Gabe and he interacts with other children and Starky. I see in him so much goodness and kindness, playfulness and wonder, strength and devotion.

My children are so lucky they get to have Gabe as a father, and I am so grateful that he is my partner in crime throughout the adventure of parenthood.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Eaton

I can't remember the last time I did an update on Roland. The holidays and then catching up from the holidays, and then realizing holy Toledo we are going to have a baby outside the womb in less than two months, and a huge project for Gabe at work made the past few months go quickly.

I've been reading quite a bit about how to get dogs ready for a baby to come into the home. We want to establish that this is another master coming into the house, not a toy or subordinate. I also read that dogs can sense when a new baby is coming. I believe it, Starky has been a lot more needy and clingy as of late. He especially loves snuggling up to Gabe when he gets home.

As far as Roland himself goes, there isn't anything too different to note. His due date was moved up from the 28th of February to the 15th of February because he and his vital organs appeared to be more developed at his 20 week appointment. I go back and forth between what I think his real due date is. I finally decided that I will be prepared (theoretically, I mean is anyone really prepared for parenthood?) for him as if his due date is the 15th but I'm not going to get too excited if nothing happens until after the 28th.

26 weeks

35 Weeks

I'm unsure what those goofy faces are about, I guess I've given up on normal ones and hey it keeps things interesting in these belly pictures. Sorry about the flash as well... I just got a new phone and still don't know what I am doing with it. 

Gabe's company has been so nice about this pregnancy. He has been able to take time off for several of my doctor's appointments and they threw me a wonderful baby shower over their lunch break this past Wednesday. I loved sitting down and eating with Gabe and most of his colleagues, I can tell how much he is appreciated by many people in his company and I am grateful. They also made fun of me for being born in Oklahoma. Oh well.

The diaper cake someone made was especially pretty, at first I thought it was an actual cake.

I love the look on Gabe's face in this picture. He is so excited and happy about our little boy. 

Some days I still can't believe this is really happening, we are really going to have a baby! I still feel apprehensive about washing and putting away all of his little clothes, just in case. But, I do my best to shake those moments off and enjoy my naps while I can have them (yay for first baby) and feeling those little movements from inside of me, knowing there is a little boy we will get to meet soon.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More purpose...

It isn't even 5:30 and I've been awake for over an hour. Gabe had some tests he had to oversee at work very early this morning and Starky decided to jump on me, make sure I was wide awake, and then quietly go back to sleep.

In my halfway awake state I have been reflecting on the past year, where it started and where Gabe and I are now, literally and metaphorically. 2013 was a difficult year in a lot of ways, but I can't help but look back at it with a full heart and gratitude.

To be honest, Texas has been challenging for the both of us. But I can't remember a time we have been closer as a couple. We have been able to focus a lot of our energy on preparing to be parents and figuring out what our priorities are going to be for the next few years. We have stopped trying to plan everything and decided the best approach to take is set goals and just kind of let everything else happen.

Last year, I decided to start the new year with a one word resolution: kindness. I am so grateful that was the word I chose as the year brought challenges the word kindness was a reminder to me, to be better, to be nicer, to be more compassionate and loving. At times I was less than ideal, but overall I do believe that I was able to better myself in this area on more than one occasion.

Over the past few weeks I have thought about what word I want to bring into 2014. This is the year I become a mother, it is the first full year Gabe and I do not have semesters to dictate our schedule and budget. And so, with the many goals and plans that come with parenting and moving forward I have decided that this year my one word resolution is Purpose.

More purpose in being a wife, a parent, in what I read, in health, in how I spend time and money... You get the idea.

Here is to a 2014 of purpose. *cue raising my glass of sparkling cider

Christmas 2013

Christmas was a bittersweet event for us. Due to the lovely side effects of pregnancy I was unable to fly and with Gabe only having two days off we decided not to drive to Utah for our Eaton family Christmas.

But, last minute two of my younger brothers came to stay with us and we had so much fun with them. I forget how much better Christmas is with kids around, they just make it seem more magical, more spiritual and overall more special. I got up and started our traditional Christmas breakfast (orange poppy seed muffins, breakfast casserole and fruit) while Benji tiptoed around checking out all of the presents. John woke up about an hour later and as requested the boys let Gabe sleep until 8.

We opened presents:

Ben and John talked on the phone and Google Hung Out with my mom and step dad while opening presents. They were so funny about it, John said "Gabe is this what it is like to be a business man?"

Some of my favorite boys... minus Roland.

 See this look on Gabe's face? That is because I finally bested him and he didn't figure out what he was getting for Christmas. He totally thought all he got was his inversion table. I love surprising him.

Even Starky got into the Christmas spirit. 

We spent the rest of the day enjoying presents and one another. I mostly read on the couch, Gabe and the boys played games, we watched a few movies and ate delicious food.  We had a few facetime and Skype sessions. We talked about the birth of Christ and what our favorite parts of the Christmas story were.

I love this time of year and I love my husband. As I sat there and watched him with my brothers I got a little sappy thinking about how it would be once we have our own kids unwrapping presents around the Christmas tree.