Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fragile and Dear

We were completely taken back when we found out I was pregnant (again). I had to pick some things up on the way home from taking Gabe to work and bought a test one a whim, fully expecting it to be negative but wondering if there was anything else that could be causing my current ailments.  I had it all planned out as to how I was going to tell Gabe but... he called me to ask a question right after I found out and I just kind of blurted out "I'm pregnant."in response.

I think this picture probably sums up each one of our initial feelings about finding out...

I was freaking out, Roland is (still) completely oblivious to the fact that his entire world is about to change, and Gabe was stressed but overall happy.

We are currently trying to soak up as much time with Roland as we can. That is probably the biggest thing I am worried about, Roland; what his needs are, how in the world we are going to stop co-sleeping, should I attempt potty training, will I be able to pick him up my entire pregnancy... and the list goes on. 

 We really are incredibly grateful for Baby Eaton #2. I could care less about the gender of little one. I don't know if the thought of not buying more clothes, or buying little girl clothes is more exciting to me. I have been blessed with a much easier pregnancy this time around (no bed rest so far, I am cleared to travel, and even to continue running) which I am grateful for. Gabe is just happy I can still exercise because I am much more pleasant when I do (my words, not his). 

While the timing isn't what we expected, we could not be happier about the newest addition to our family. 

Fall Happenings

This year we had some friends show us the neatest little pumpkin patch in our area. And because I have been sick/busy/lazy I am just now writing about it.

The morning of our pumpkin patch adventure we were up around 5 to start preparations for our stake's General Conference 5k. Despite a few bumps it turned out to be a lot of fun and Gabe placed 3rd.

Yes, it was a smaller race, but I was proud of Gabe's time of 24 minutes considering he hadn't trained at all.

Then it was showers and off to the pumpkin patch, I was kind of expecting it to be chill outside but it is Texas and I should have known better. It was at least 85 degrees but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

 Some of our good friends here in Texas

 Roland wanted so badly to get down...

until the baby goat bleated at him.

The flower patch where you are able to go and cut your own flowers.

Happy Fall Y'all!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cha cha changes

Since we got back from our trip at least one person has been sick in our house. It reminds me of being pregnant with all the tv watching,  couch sleeping,  and going to bed early that has been going around...

If Gabe and Ro were the pregnant ones. But I'm grateful for my boys and their usual great health statuses. In other news Gabe's company was acquired by a much larger, much more international company this week. 

 While we're not sure of the exact changes Gabe is excited to see what is in store for him. My adventurous nature hopes it means we'll get to use our passports before they expire. But more than that it reminds me of the importance of choices that we do have power over. There are so many things in our life that are out of our hands, but those decisions we have should be deliberate and have purpose.

Friday, September 5, 2014

We were born for this...

August was a busy month around here. We moved into a new home (closer to Gabe's work and with a bit more yard), my little brothers came to spend the end of their summer with us, Gabe went out of town for work, and we took a last minute road trip.

We had so much fun with Benji and John, even though we spent a lot of time just hanging out around the house.

But on the last Friday they were here we surprised them with a trip to Sea World.

It was so hot outside! But with the different inside exhibits and splash zones we were able to keep cool. Roland enjoyed a lot of the day, which surprised us because we thought he wouldn't really care. On the way home we stopped at Red Robin and Cold Stone. By the time we headed home everyone was happy, full, and tired.

Gabe went out of town for a week and his flight happened to pass through Dallas. So I decided to surprise him with a road trip. We had a lot of fun and saw some of our favorite people along the way. Even though it was short and there were a lot of other places we could have gone it was a perfect little get away for Labor Day weekend.

Roland helped me with laundry before the trip...

Oh how I absolutely love this view...

Roland was so worn out after playing in the Kansas wind. He loves being outside, dogs,  and dirt.

 There are some things I am good and at others I really struggle with. Anything that has to do with homemaking (whatever that means) I most likely struggle with. So this rhubarb pie was a victory for me.

Happy September! It is strange how quickly time has gone since Roland arrived.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Roland is 6 Months

Our little Roland is 6 months old.
17 pounds
28 3/4 inches long
17 1/2 inch head circumference

This time last year we were telling family members we were pregnant, Gabe moved almost our entire house by himself because I was on the first (of many) bedrest, doctor's orders.

And this year, we have a strong willed, kind, loving, curious, baby boy.

 We're really bad at the whole family picture thing...

He loves when Momma and Papa sing or read to him. He already has a certain taste in music and gets so excited when music he likes comes on. He has started moving around and it is so fun to see him flail, scoot, roll, and fall in order to be mobile. He loves games that make him giggle and is already a little daredevil. He loves being thrown into the air. He chews on his thumb and pointer finger. He loves to eat but hates to be messy. He wants to try and do and see everything that his Papa and Momma are doing. He wants to eat anything that anyone else is. There has been more than one occasion when a person is crying or has a sad look on their face and he will try to catch their eye and grin and babble to them. Oh and that voice of his... he loves to use it.

Roland Isaac, you are a sweet little boy and I am so grateful that I get to be your Momma.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

That was a lot cooler in my head...

You know how you picture something in your mind and it seems a lot cooler in theory than in execution? Well... this was one of those moments. We took a picture at Pop's (a fun pit stop between our parents' houses that we like to frequent) on the way to Thanksgiving when I was 28 weeks along and then again on the way home from Roland's baby blessing when he was a little over 2 months. Roland was a lot more cooperative with photos while he was still in the womb. I also slept a lot more back in those days.

The new best day of my life...

Some gems I found on Gabe's phone:

And the rocket's red glare...

This 4th of July was a blast. Gabe was supposed to get time off work but ended up not being able to so we stayed in town. But my mom and stepdad's plans fell through as well and so they brought my little brothers down and we had a low key but fun 4th of July filled with a cookout, fireworks, and "swimming" in Roland's first little inflatable pool.

Our city has a ban on any sort of fireworks, which had me really bummed out because I love fireworks and I wanted Roland to experience them. We ended up driving out to the country to set of a few of our own and as luck would have it someone else was setting off quite the aerial show close enough that we were able to enjoy it as well. Ro was passed out most of the time but we decided to wake him up for the fountains and I am so glad. He sat there mesmerized, cooing and squealing in delight as Gabe, John, and Benji set off the fountains.

After, we went home and roasted marshmallows for S'mores and Roland was so excited when Papa gave him a little taste.

As everyone tapered off to bed Gabe and I sat on the back porch looking at our green backyard and adorable sleeping little boy.

Sometimes I marvel at the fact that this is my life. It might not be super exciting, and we may live in a small Texas town where not a lot happens, but I am grateful to be here, raising my son, married to my best friend, figuring out this life of ours.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

1/2 Year New Year's Resolution Check In

I've been doing a lot of deep thinking as of late... and I realized that I was not as appreciative of this time and place in my life as I should be.
We live in the Texas heat, where not much surrounds us culturally,  Gabe doesn't have a lot of time off work, we only have one car and I'm a stay at home mother.
It gets lonely at times and there are days I crave for a bit more than housework and our tight budget we have set for ourselves. I am a person who likes to be out and about doing things and going places,  making to do lists and fulfilling them. I love to learn and research and try new things.
But I remember a time when I was doing all of those things and there was a void in my life. I wanted so badly to be a mother. I knew that was what I really wanted from life and so Gabe and I decided what was most important to us. And I remember that I don't miss those days quite as much as I thought I did.
My one word New Year's resolution this year is purpose. And I think the realization that I have come to is that real purpose does not come without sacrifice.
And I am more than willing to sacrifice for the opportunity to be a wife, a mother, a disciple of Christ. I will not always be perfect. I will many times fall short. But when I realize what matters most,  the sacrifices seem much smaller than I originally anticipated.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I've Got an Angel...

I had a very fussy and very cuddly little boy today... but among all of the tears there were smiles and hugs and very slobbery kisses.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

But what do you DO.....

I realized as I was bragging about Gabe's food science project that there were a few misconceptions I should probably clear up and I prefer the "tell everyone in a general blog post" method.

1.) Gabe does not in fact get paid royalties for any of the products he creates for his company. I promise we're not like "Hey go buy this product so we can get money." If you want to try them then great, and if not that's fine too.

2.) Gabe works in research and development which means he researches and then develops new products. For now, this means he does everything from figuring out which machinery will produce the food to the flavors, textures,  seasonings,  cook times etc of the product. He deals directly with the food product and not so much the marketing or display of it.

3.) Not every area of the country will be selling Mextremes. However, where they are available, Mextremes are found at stores that sell Kroger brand foods.

4.) This isn't health food and yes it is a taquito covered in seasoning so if you're anti processed food then Mextremes probably aren't for you. We're not offended. However, if you send me a message saying my husband is perpetuating the obesity epidemic in America, I will ignore you.

Thank you for your support and interest in Gabe's work. I tried to think of the most obvious questions but if I missed any just let me know!

Monday, June 23, 2014

4 Month Update Roland Isaac

Roland is 4 months old (at least he was when I started this post).
He has become such a smiley baby. We absolutely adore it.
He is 14 pounds 7 oz 26 1/2 inches long.

He is constantly babbling some sort of baby nonsense at us when he is awake. He goes between sleeping really well and fighting to stay awake. He loves snuggling, playing with his dad's beard and books. He cannot get enough of us reading to him. It varies between his little cardboard illustrated books, the scriptures and Harry Potter to give Mom and Papa some variety.

Lately he and Starky have become pretty good friends and I love watching the two of them get to know each other better. Roland is a sensitive little soul, when his feelings get hurt, or when he is scared his little bottom lip sticks out and those big blue eyes well up, it is adorably pitiful. The list of things he is anxious about/ scared of seems to change each day but his reflection in the mirror is one of them. But he is also the sweetest little guy, with lots of hugs, kisses, and smiles to give.

We are so grateful he is ours.