Labor Day

I completely forgot about Labor Day weekend...

Gabe has been working some crazy hours since he started at his job. We kind of thought it would be a 9 to 5 gig but some days that just isn't the case, so it was nice to have a three day weekend to just relax.

At the same time my mom and stepdad had been wanting to come see our new place and bring Starky back to us after they looked after him while we moved. It was so fun to "host" my parents and little brothers for a few days at our place.

Saturday morning we treated the boys to some good ol' Texas kolaches. My mom had a taste of IKEA when they came to visit us in Utah and was dying to go back so we took her to the one that is close to us. While we were there my little brother John picked out and bought a desk chair for his room. It was really cute to see him sit in all the chairs and compare prices etc.

Gabe and I also found some chairs that were well under our budget and decided that we could just stain them to match the table he recently built. I am usually the one who stains our furniture but since I'm pregnant Gabe ended up doing it and I was very grateful.

Sunday was church and family time. We put the boys in charge of Family Home Evening and they did a great job with the lesson and activity. Faron ended up fixing our towel rack and cleaning up the leftover carpet that the people who renovated left here. Gabe and I weren't concerned with it because we are renting but it was nice to have it gone and the towel rack in the guest bathroom fixed.

Monday we took Starky to get a trim and then spent most of the day just relaxing, playing Wii sport and the boys ran around the backyard with Starky. Benji picked out a stuffed alligator for Starky and he did a great job because Starky takes that little thing with him wherever he goes. We also did a little back-to-school shopping with my brothers on their way out of town. Since my mom home schools John and Benji there are so many supplies to get and she was excited to find a discounted art supply store in our area.

It was a low-key relaxing weekend but it still wore me out and when they left I took a very long nap.

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