And I lift my hands...

Thanksgiving started out as a wonderful day. I woke up late, and there were smells of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and other side dishes and desserts wafting in from the kitchen to the dark basement room where we were staying. I snuck a few cookies for breakfast (pumpkin is a vegetable...) and gratefully sat down as everything in the kitchen was being taken care of.

I walked and then ran on the treadmill while Gabe lifted weights. He is by far my favorite workout buddy and I have missed being in a gym. I miss working out, this stress relief it brings, the pain of tearing down muscles to build them up. But there is a time and season and so until at least February, and most likely later, yoga and walks will have to do.

After that it was a shower and Thanksgiving dinner. Another family from the local ward came over and I enjoyed talking to their teenage daughter as we sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal. Pool was played and sooner than I realized it was time to leave for Black Friday. Yes, my family shops on Black Friday. No, I don't feel guilty about it. But that is another post for another day. Gabe and Josh left earlier than we did and so I drove into town with Gabe's dad and stepmom.

As we were driving into town my sister Emily called. Adam, our little brother, was in a car wreck and being flown to a hospital in the city. My mom is currently in Florida at a rehabilitation center for traumatic brain injuries, my stepdad was out of town for the holidays, and I was hours away. I called my Aunt who had her shoes on and was headed out the door before we were off the phone.

Adam is fine and is still recovering (minus a few broken bones, some stitches and a bruised spleen). But, his wreck shook our family up a bit. It is funny when you stop and realize just how much your mother does. That was ever apparent with her in Florida.

And so, while there were a few hiccups in our holiday as I went to bed that night I said prayers of gratitude for a mother who works so hard, an extended family who pulls together, a brother whose stupid decision didn't take him from us, a loving and supporting husband who will still crack jokes with me no matter what the situation and in-laws who accept and love me despite the fact that there tends to be an unusual number of car wrecks in my loved ones' lives.

Black Friday shopping aside... I'd say it was a pretty gratitude filled day.

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